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March 9, 2036. International Cartographers Association (ICA) charts the Ariel River, Earth’s first permanent (and mappable) atmospheric river. From the warming subarctic, the Ariel flows 4250 km to its wide, dark mouth on the California Coast, where the cities of Salinas and Monterey used to be.

March 17, 2177. Meri wins Gramaphone Award for Dreeems, their symphony that puts audiences immediately to sleep. After 39 minutes, all awaken refreshed, with a warm regard for others that can last for 2–3 days.

March 24, 2116. Facebook seeks admission to U.N. The part-time population of 1.2 billion, world’s third largest, who get along loosely under libertarian bureaucratic rule. What’s not to Like?

March 27, 2088. U.S. Constitution Amendment 77 ratified!  It makes racial discrimination constitutional, even mandatory, when in accord with Reparations Amendment (76). Ivy League alumni gather to complain.