This Month in History is a regular feature in Locus magazine …


June 2, 2028. Proud Girls. Gender-equal Congress overrides President Yang’s angry veto of AOC’s “No-Billions” bill. Yeas all awarded pink CONFISCATORY? PROUDLY SO! pens by Majority Leader Warren.


June 12, 2125. AI vs AI. Tortbuster, the first AI to pass the California bar exam, represents Writers Guild in efforts to deny membership to Oscar-nominee Genrewriter.


June 16, 2054. Depistoled. LAPD and 17,922 other police departments disarmed under Reparations Protocols, which require all armed Peace Officers to be graduates of Social Service Academy in Denver.


June 21, 2216. En Garde! Security drone embedded in Saturn’s rings. It is hoped that SPATO’s deadly Galileo will ward off Taliban suicide drones trying to “erase” the “unclean” Anthe Ring.