This Month in History

This Month in History


This Month in History is a regular feature in Locus magazine …


June 4, 2114. Semper Fi. Marine “moth bats” knock out two windfarms in Oklahoma. Pentagon’s deployment of suicide GMOs against alt-energy giant Elonesco alarms investors.


June 11, 2075. Hats off. The redhat blockade of I-80 ends as interim POTUS signs amnesty agreement. The 91 day carbon tax protest drew as many as 15,000 on weekends.


June 18, 2036. Pain cream OK. Security Court rules enforcement enhancement “neither cruel nor unusual” if applied by MD or Nurse Interrogator.


June 26, 2440. First contac! Negotiar filks alyen thru Schrodinger Window. Kinder teem logs plea: number (math) or music. Scyence to pligh.