This Month in History is a regular feature in Locus magazine …


December 2, 2104.  Wagner Group buys both Christmas and Mother’s Day from Vatican-Hallmarque. Price withheld for Periodic Non-disclosure, but the fact that both Santa Claus and Three Kings are included suggest it was substantial.

December 9, 2024. The first ever free elections are held in the Republic of Ireland celebrating independence from England.  Ireland’s northernmost six counties were once included in the U.K. as “Northern Ireland.” Imagine!

December 11, 2024. Taylor Swift appointed Interim Secretary of Theme Parks by U.S. President pro-tem Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Swift expected to protest when elections resume.

December 22, 2024. National Education Board enrolls all U.S. high school grads with 3.0 average in College Lottery. Assignments can be revealed but not traded or swapped. Princeton still burning.