This Month in History is a regular feature in Locus magazine …


September 5, 2065. Death Penalty dies. Supreme Court, in a 9–6 vote, rules decades on Death Row “Cruel and Unusual” and so unconstitutional. National lottery to select one to be publicly hanged—and the remaining 3,914 set free.


September 9, 2308. Ouamuama arrival. After four silent months in polar Earth orbit, the comet-like interstellar ship suddenly descends into Barents Sea. Still no word. Russian Coast Guard to investigate.


September 16, 2120. “Days of Then” disaster. The popular Vegas variety show, featuring randomized gunfire for those who aspire to be survivors of mass shootings, closes down when all 1566 survive and sue for full refunds plus damages.


September 26, 2077. Sea Snot rescue. RefugeeRelief™ agrees to remove, bale and distribute the white marine mucilage which covers the Aegean Sea. The tasteless algae is entirely edible, but only by the very poor.