This Month in History is a regular feature in Locus magazine …


November 5, 2103. Senate confirms Tortmaster™ to U.S. Supreme Court. Raytheon’s judicial A-I, now the 19th Justice and first fully artificial one, will also assist Deputy Vice President Kirkland in counting electoral votes.

November 14, 2030. Prince Andrew, Duke of York, the first British Royal Family member to leave planet Earth, rides SpaceX Falcon to the International Space Station (ISS). He is not expected to return.

November 21, 2087. Murder Hornet kit found in Saudi diplomat’s United carry-on. Waiving diplomatic immunity, he was rebooked on Emirates. Murder Hornets are not permitted on mixed-gender flights, even in kit form.

November ?, 2216. Paulo “Loco” Fogo, the Brazilian indigene activist whose Mad Cow pandemicator saved the Amazon and wiped out the global beef industry, dies in Guantanamo IX at 99. Exact date and manner of death withheld.