This Month in History

This Month in History


This Month in History is a regular feature in Locus magazine …


October 3, 2084. School’s cool. President Kirkland signs “Fed Ed” bill monetizing federal takeover of public schools. High School stipends $145 per week, $1725 at graduation.


October 19, 2114. Atomized.  Nuclear car bomb obliterates European capitol, killing an estimated 210,000. Identity of city withheld pending notification of family members.


October 25, 2109. Red October. Bells toll, ushankas fill the air as St Petersburg re-becomes Leningrad in official celebration of the rebirth of the Soviet Union.


October 31, 2032. For Sale: AR-15. Long lines on Halloween morning as tommy gun buyback begins. Each assault weapon sold to ATF brings $57,500 or one Get Out of Jail Free card.