This Month in History is a regular feature in Locus magazine …


August 6, 2055. In its first ruling since okaying its own “Veiled Expansion,” the US Supreme Court finds the Constitution itself unconstitutional, “but only just.” The Veil obscures number, gender, party, tenure and names of justices.

August 11,  2104.  Crisis in Mecca. Cardiac transplant recipients with organic vat-grown hearts banned from Hajj, as swine stem cells  can be found in trans plants. Blasphemy in Islam can carry the death penalty; in Judaism, a wry shrug.

August 18, 2024.  Drone swarm runs off 500,000 pro-abortion demonstrators in DC.  The bee–size electricals are “harmless to humans,” assures Homeland Security, “but fatal to murderous  mobs. Plus, demanding things contrary to settled law is obviously unlawful.”

 August 28, 2287. AI church? Twelve Mars rovers converge around a crude shrine of blue stones, bump together, then dismantle and bury one of their own: a form of worship, some say, generated by AI, since blue stones and sacrifice alike are unknown on Mars.