This Month in History

This Month in History


This Month in History is a regular feature in Locus magazine …


April 4, 2023. Shock and Awe. Cheney and Bush airlocked into Hague Orbital. Under new Invasion Act, for 2nd Sack of Baghdad (1258/2003), they will serve 11 months enhanced incarceration, concurrently.


April 11, 2135. Homeward bound! “Ploughshare” blasts off from Baikonur. The massive treaty ship containing the nuclear arsenals of all nations and peoples is headed for a black hole.


April 16, 2020. No hoarding. California bans all private residential investment, vacancy, and eviction until the unhoused population drops below 12 percent.


April 22, 2105. Bright idea! Windmill stocks tank as Franklin Lectric introduces steepled, gym-sized mobius accumulator that both attracts and stores atmospheric lightning. We’ll see.