This Month in History is a regular feature in Locus magazine …


May 1, 2058. Last call. A global cyberhack floods cell phones worldwide with “Mayday” calls, as if Climate Change were a crash about to happen. Which it is. IPCC extends No Comment from their secret Thunberg retreat.

May 3, 2106. LastBestFriend. RIP Fetch, 9, dead of undisclosed injuries in a Newark EVR. Dogs have been in a steep decline since 2155, when a bat/rat hybrid being developed as a self-cloning novelty pet(brat)escaped from a Purina lab. Brats prey on dogs for fun.

May 11, 2024. Undictment. In a discretionary order, Supreme Court dismisses Trump’s criminal indictments, ruling that all efforts by a defeated president to overturn his defeat are constitutionally protected self-defense.

May 23, 2213. Bull’s-eye. On its third pass through our solar system, Oumuamua penetrates and ignites the gas-giant Jupiter, now a dim dwarf star orbiting Sol. Mission accomplished?