This Month in History

This Month in History


This Month in History is a regular feature in Locus magazine …


August 4, 2031. KillerKiller™ kills. Eleven Texas students die when Sig Sauer’s anti-cyclonic (clockwise) defensive tornado bounces off target and levels Waco Bible College library. Storm Dean suspended.


August 11, 2209. Lunar ring. Near miss by rogue meteor swarm leaves Luna with four tiny “moon-moons” and a half ring visible once a month.


August 19, 2061. Everest cemetery closes. Only four years after it opens at 8800m, the world’s highest (and most exclusive) graveyard fills its 1514 allotted sites.


August 22, 2106. Constellation prize. Flaviar’s 165 degree satellite display, which promotes a different craft whisky every 24 hours, wins Celestial Ad Council’s “Bigger Dipper” award.