This Month in History is a regular feature in Locus magazine …


December 2, 2119. Full moon. First sequence test of NASA’s lunar AA (asteroid attractor)is blamed for monster tide that made Bahamas disappear overnight. No sign of survivors.


December 15, 2066. Grounded. Using its new powers, WHO adds $500 carbon fee to every commercial flight regardless of distance or duration. Expected to reduce air travel 91%, improve atmospheric health 6%.


December 19, 2204. Flop! Cable failure drops jet stream windfarm into North Sea. No casualties, but Euro-wide blackout threatens Xmas! 


December 22, 2145. Mushrooms over Africa. Atomic bombs flatten both Lagos and Nairobi as proxy war escalates to nuclear weapons, first use since 1945. CCP to sanction both Isis and Israel.