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October 3, 2043 — U.S. Congress declares October “Filament Month” celebrating America’s ongoing patriotic rejection of the Climate Cult. Edison bulbs are free to every cisgender two-parent home.

October 18, 2108. Wildcat strike cripples Lagos as capital taxi fleet powers down in solidarity with decommissioned medical AIs. Governor Poe threatens human intervention, still legal in urban Africa.

October 20, 2027. Potus Harris reveals that three of the world’s largest refugee camps—Kutupalong, Bidi Bidi, and Kakuma—have been invited to join NATO. By whom is undisclosed for reasons of Executive Secrecy.

October 26, 2218. Ice comet hits Antarctica’s Weddell Sea—the first in a series of 216 redirected by India’s Diwali Oort Cloud project. The hope is to cool Earth’s seas and perhaps restore marine life.