Outspoken and the Incendiary:
City Lights and PM Press celebrate the life and work of Terry Bisson

MC’d by Ramsey Kanaan and Peter Maravelis with Diana Block, Karen Joy Fowler, Jonathan Lethem, Nick Mamatas, Kim Stanley Robinson, Rudy Rucker, and Carter Scholz



Terry Bisson was an author, editor, political activist and friend to many. He was a Hugo and Nebula award winning writer of seven novels, numerous short works of fiction, and over a dozen children’s books. He was the author of On a Move: The Story of Mumia Abu Jamal and was the Editor of PM’s new Outspoken Authors pocketbook series. PM Press published his books TVA Baby, Fire on the Mountain, and The Left Left Behind. He also wrote the long-running “This Month in History” series for Locus Magazine. His progressive politics landed him in jail for refusing to give testimony to a Grand Jury investigating the radical underground. He operated Jacobin Books, a “revolutionary” mail-order book service, from 1985 to 1990. He was as much an activist’s activist as he was a literary powerhouse.

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