Coming in May 2024


Cover, Tomorrowing by Terry Bisson.
Pages: 168,
Release Date: May 14, 2024


For twenty years, Terry Bisson published a regular “This Month in History” column in the science fiction magazine Locus. Tomorrowing collects these two decades of memorable events, four a month, each set in a totally different, imaginary yet possible, inevitable yet avoidable future. From the first AI President to the first dog on Mars, to the funeral of Earth’s last glacier, it’s speculative SF at its most (and least) serious. Collected as a series for the first time, Tomorrowing will amuse, alarm, intrigue, and entertain, and like science fiction itself, make readers think. Bisson’s short stories have won every major award in science fiction, including the Hugo and Nebula; but never, ever, anything for this series.


“Much like Samuel Beckett, Terry Bisson’s fiction got more and more compressed as he aged, until it came to these short stories, which are amazing, hilarious, deep. Tomorrowing is one of the greatest story collections in American literature. Read it and see what I mean.” — Kim Stanley Robinson
“Such a delight to spend these pages inside the capacious brain, the boundless imagination, the brilliant wit of Terry Bisson, national treasure.” — Karen Joy Fowler